Burgr’s Club Lednice

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  • Industrial
  • Modern
AV Technology
Private Parking
Wheelchair Access

Burgr’s Club Restaurant, just 180 meters from Lednice Castle, offers modern spaces for a wide range of events. Whether it’s team building, training, presentations, or celebrations, they’ve got it covered.

The entire restaurant can accommodate a maximum of 110 people. For smaller events, you can choose from various rooms: the main hall with a 3×3 meter stage and professional projection technology (including live video streaming) is suitable for up to 58 people. The entrance lounge near the bar can host 37 people, and the small lounge accommodates 32 people.

You can transform the entire space into a dance club with a disco or karaoke show. The staff can organize corporate celebrations with a program, live music, and accommodation in nearby hotels. They take pride in good food, and the options are diverse: multi-course menus, buffet-style dining, or private cooking with the chef. Just take your pick.

For a toast, try the local signature drink: a unique sparkling water that tastes like wine! It’s infused with natural CO2 captured during the fermentation of wine. Such a drink is currently available in only a few restaurants worldwide.

Burgr’s Club provides professional event facilities just a few steps from the castle park.