Hotel Sladovna

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Congress with beer in its soul

Close your eyes. Imagine a corporate event literally twenty metres from the boiling plant of the Černá Hora, brewery and beer wellness after and tastings during your official programme. Now open them again. No, it wasn’t a dream. Welcome to Hotel Sladovna (“The Malt House Hotel”).

Not only lovers of this golden beverage, but also organizers of corporate events targeting the Blansko and Moravian Karst region will find a perfect refuge here. The column hall with its historical vault can accommodate up to two hundred people and the Congress Hall can comfortably seat 160 listeners. Buffets, coffee breaks and cocktails are on offer. The Černá Hora beer will be flowing directly from the brewery.

When it’s time to relax, try the sauna world, relax in the whirlpools or go for a massage and to the original beer spa.


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Congress hall 12
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