Kounický dvůr

  • 110
  • 22
  • 60
  • Modern
  • Traditional
AV Technology
Private Parking

Kounický dvůr, situated right on the square, is another magical place in Dolní Kounice, alongside Rosa Coeli. The hotel and restaurant nearby have swiftly gained acclaim, particularly for their exceptional gastronomy. For flawlessly organized social or corporate events, there are several spaces available. The restaurant itself accommodates 100 people, while the large hall, complete with its own bar, can host up to 110 guests. There’s also a smaller lounge for 25 people, and a cozy wine cellar for 30. During the warmer months, guests can enjoy the inviting outdoor covered garden, which offers seating for 60.

Gastronomy is a true passion here, evident in the quality and variety of catering options. Audiovisual technology is provided as standard, and upon request, they can arrange accompanying programs. For entertainment, guests can enjoy bowling; Kounický dvůr offers two lanes, each accommodating up to 8 players. The hotel itself can accommodate up to 60 people in its 22 rooms. So, are you ready to discover the magic of Dolní Kounice?


Rooms Theatre icon Classroom icon U-shape icon Banquet icon Reception icon
Restaurant 100
Large hall 110
Small Lounge 25
Wine cellar 30
Garden space 60