Let’s play soldiers

A hard drill makes an easy battle. Send a team “into battle” and prepare with your colleagues for further work challenges. Here you can let off steam and discover unexpected abilities and hidden strength in yourself and in your coworkers.

You can choose the right company program depending on the rank you aspire to. A common soldier, an ensign, a captain, a major, or a general? Higher shoulder marks correspond to the increasing challenges of the programs.

You can test your stamina and teamwork during archery, quad biking, overcoming an obstacle course, shooting from a submachine gun, or during a paintball battle. You will search for treasures using a metal detector and try riding in Land Rovers or in an armoured personnel carrier. “Training” takes place in a large natural area in Ořechov or in an indoor hall in the centre of Brno. The area in Ořechov includes a military museum and an Army bar, where hot meals, beer, and soft drinks come in handy.

A test for the stamina and teamwork for all grown-up boys and girls. That’s exactly what you get in Armypark.