Become a Winemaker for One Day

Become a winemaker for one day – an experience for which you must come to South Moravia

You will set out for the vineyard in the cool morning air. From the first picked grapes to the filled crates ready for pressing, you are guaranteed to work up a hunger. Lunch is waiting for you right in the vineyard while you listen to a winemaker who will introduce you to the secrets of his craft. You will taste the freshly pressed grape juice, a delicious burčák (Federweisser or Sturm) and at the end more than a well-deserved liquid treasure ripened under the Moravian sun.

If you try what a day in the life of a winemaker means, your evening glass of wine will taste better than ever before!

The program takes place throughout the entire year, as well as work on the vineyard. The best time to join and look closely at winemakers’ hard work is the autumn grape harvest.

Contant one of these winemakers: Vinařství Skalák, Vinařství Skoupil, Vinný sklep Krýsa, WeWine, Vinařství Červinka. Or call us and we’ll give you more tips!