Laser Labyrinth

The great museum theft in the centre of Brno

Take your colleagues into the labyrinth and compete in your agility and strategic thinking. Imagine a dark, intricate space interwoven with a dense network of laser beams. Will you find a safe path to the treasure among them? But watch out: some of the beams will move if you choose the highest difficulty level (out of five)!

If you don’t find the maze action enough, you can also play the classic “laser tag”, a team game for 2–10 players with laser guns – it’s like paintball, but without the bruises! You can compete in teams or everyone for themselves and if you’re resting, you can watch the efforts of your fellow players on LCD screens or quench your thirst at the bar.

The maze between the light beams is a great activity that will get any team up and running in no time!