Rum tasting

A Rum Experience for Your Guests

Treat your guests to a rum tasting session presented by a true connoisseur, elevating your party or team-building event into an unforgettable experience. For smaller groups (approximately up to 35 people), a guided tasting is the ideal choice. You’ll sample and learn interesting facts about each rum. If you want to engage the audience even more, consider blending your own rum. Each person can mix their own bottle to take home. Another enticing option is pairing rums with chocolate.

For larger groups, we recommend an unguided tasting, known as the Rum Corner, still with the presence of a knowledgeable expert who can captivatingly talk about rums for hours. Isn’t your team a gathering of rum enthusiasts? They’ll curate experiences like cognac, gin, and other spirit tastings—a perfect incentive activity for companies.