Become an explorer in a cave

In the caves of the Moravian Karst, a secure cave cascade of up to 40 m awaits you, where you will overcome countless manholes, abysses, chimneys, ladders, and girders. At the start you will get your helmet and headlamp, overall and caving equipment set, and together with the guide you set out on a descent into the world of darkness and silence. This activity is independent of the weather, it does not rain underground, and the temperature is constant. Speleoferata® can be found in the very heart of the Moravian Karst, right at the entrance to the Punkva Caves. An experienced guide will take a maximum of ten of you at a time to the descent.

Do you feel that you know your colleagues like the back of your hand? Test the functioning of your team in an underground world that commands respect.

Via Ferrata in the cave will test your physical and mental strength and make memories for life.