Underground of Znojmo

An underground labyrinth in which you can get dirty

The underground of Znojmo is a tangle of dark corridors and a good dose of adrenaline. Water wading, mud, and slippery stairs await you. In some parts the only way to pass is with your back bent or on all fours. The underground of Znojmo is unique especially for the length of the tours and the adrenaline concept of the experience. This is evidenced by the frame through which each participant must squeeze through to avoid getting stuck in some narrower place.

After a successful expedition, some of Znojmo’s pubs are waiting for you, as if made to catch your breath with all the adrenaline hormones and discuss your feelings.

You will take away a boy-scouts’ badge of courage from the underground of Znojmo and a well-proven team as a bonus!