The Valtice Underground

Team-building to the rhythms of Moravian folk songs

Wandering through a labyrinth of wine-cellar corridors with a supply of tasting samples? Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

The intricate corridors of the underground of Valtice, with a total length of 900 meters, offer a pleasant escape from the heat in the summer and tours with wine-tasting throughout the year. Bonding as a team while sipping good wine in authentic settings and with cimbalom music in the background is somehow… better. And we haven’t even started on the fresh homemade pork greaves and smoked ham hocks…

Companies and groups can choose from several compact experience programs for 10 to 150 people. If you have specific needs, don’t be afraid to get in touch, they will prepare a tailor-made program for you.

You’ll be fine in the Valtice Underground! Just watch out for the stairs when you go out.