Wakeboarding in South Moravia

You will put on water skis or a wakeboard, grab a ski lift, and it will drag you across the surface of the water. Across the bay of the Brno Reservoir, overlooking the silhouette of Pálava, or in the heart of the Moravian Karst. Depending on which location you choose.

If you and your team have an athletic spirit and you would like to try a new activity, the wakeboard is the right choice!

Visitors are mainly drawn to the water in the summer weather, but you can try wakeboarding or water skiing even in the colder months, just make a call. Of course, they will lend you all the equipment and the instructors will explain everything properly. There are also paddleboards, private trainers, or even the whole “Wake Camp” available.

You will take away strong memories from wakeboarding and maybe even the desire to try new things more often!