Sport activities

Singletrack cycling or wakeboard? Canoe or raft? Golf or paintball? Tough choices, we know. But don’t worry, everybody can find an activity that suits them.


South Moravia is a paradise for cyclists. It is crisscrossed by bike routes that will take you through villages, beautiful landscapes, and history. Follow the Liechtenstein Trails and cross the entire Lednice-Valtice area. Ride among the vineyards on the Moravian wine trails or explore the surroundings of the Nové Mlýny reservoirs. On the bike you can discover the whole of South Moravia.

Do paved roads and a slow pace sound boring to you? Then up we go into the Moravian singletrack trails full of adrenaline. Train your agility on the pump track and then jump into the real action. And where should you look for singletrack in South Moravia? The Moravian Karst, Boskovice Sports Park or Trail of Life Lučina. Step on the pedals and enjoy miles of experiences on South Moravian cycling routes.


Do you want to conquer the hills of South Moravia? You can train on boulders in Brno’s Komec, Klajda, or Olympia. Žaludová Skála or Martinka are waiting for fans of real rock climbing. Fans of rope centers won’t be disappointed either. They can visit, for example, the Proud Rope Center or the Jungle Park.

The caves of the Moravian Karst offer a unique adrenaline-filled experience: Speleoferata® Here you will find the only one in the Czech Republic. Visitors will experience similar conditions as cavers. Equipped with a helmet, headlamp, and safety harness, they set out on a journey full of abysses, narrow manholes, and hanging ladders. If you like caves, embark on an exploration of the Rudický sinkhole on a speleo-course with local instructors and crawl beneath South Moravia.

Water sports

In the Czech Republic, we don’t need a sea to be true aquatic-sports fanatics. For a warm-up, we will take you to the Nové Mlýny dam, where you can set sail on a boat or pedal boats. It is only a short walk from the Merkur campsite, where you can try wakeboarding, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. The warmest and cleanest water is in the Vranov Dam, which has been nicknamed the “Moravian Adriatic”. Enjoy a good swim or rent a boat, kayak, or pedal boat. Try the Baťa canal and just flow and enjoy the landscape. Jump on a cruise ship or rent a motorboat and set sail from Otrokovice to Skalice. Hear that? That’s the rhythm of a dragon boat. Their races take place at Svratka, Dyje, or at the Brno Dam.

Adrenalin sports

Do you like weapons? Try Army Park Orechov and test your shooting skills with some target practice. Want to fire an air rifle, small arms, or a submachine gun? The choice of weapon is up to you.

And now something for the racers. The tracks at Kart Arena Brno are full of adrenaline. Also ATVs, go-karts and pit bikes impatiently await their riders. For MotoGP fans, the Brno Autodrome and its famous Masaryk Circuit is a must-see: here you can watch car and motorcycle racers hitting the apex. More adventurous visitors can even get behind the wheel themselves.