Wine and countryside

We love wine. It grows under our Moravian sun with the care and love of our farmers. For hundreds of years. Discover our region’s heritage.

Moravian wine cellars

For hundreds of years, people have been gathering in wine cellars to celebrate wine and to share merry moments with their neighbours. You can taste some of this Moravian hospitality yourself. There are whole alleys of wine cellars in the region: in Hnanice near Znojmo, Dolní Dunajovice and Březí near Mikulov, Zaječí and Kobylí in the Velké Pavlovice micro-region, and Dolní Bojanovice in the Slovácko region.

Are small cellars not your scene? Well then, you are in luck: go to Přímětice and ask for the largest cross-shaped cellar in Europe. They will know.

Wine trails

There’s even more to wine tourism than wine-tasting. Paved bike trails will lead you from Znojmo to Mikulov through some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world. You’ll come across magical villages full of wine cellars and friendly people.

The nature of the South Moravia region itself is astonishing beyond words, and you have an opportunity to discover it all. There are 1200 kilometers of trails of all difficulties to choose from.

National Bank of Wine

A tasting of the top one hundred Moravian and Bohemian wines awaits you in the dungeons of Château Valtice. You can do a tasting tour on your own or under the guidance of an experienced sommelier. The permanent exhibition was founded by the National Bank of Wine initiative. Their annual wine contest for Czech winemakers has an international reputation. Well-earned, only the best of the best can enter their collection.

Wine celebrations

Grape-harvest celebrations are events without compare. They are full of joy, delicious food, young wine, and a Moravian specialty: the half-fermented grape juice called burčák. These celebrations take place in autumn all over the region. For the most spectacular ones, go to Znojmo, Mikulov, or even Brno. Summer, wine and singing make a perfect match. The music festival Hudba na Vinicích takes you to performances held in the vineyards of Czech and Moravian winemakers. Being a winemaker is a fine vocation, but a demanding one. You can even try it yourself, just check out Winemaker for a Day for further information.