Chillingly Fun Activities: Corporate Events in Winter

2. January 2024

Winter doesn’t have to mean a slowdown in corporate activities. On the contrary, it can be an opportunity for enriching team gatherings during the less busy part of the year. In this article, we will focus on incentive activities that you can experience in the southern part of Moravia during the colder months.

How about getting some exercise?

In the Czech Republic, there are only three specialized curling rinks, two in Prague and one in Brno. You can find it in the Nová Zbrojovka area, and believe us, competing with a group of colleagues in this not-so-widely-spread sport can be great fun.

Are you more inclined towards fast wheels? In Brno, we have the largest indoor go-kart track in Moravia. As for adrenaline activities, there are also indoor climbing walls, paintball – whether indoor or outdoor, or perhaps laser tag. In Znojmo, a new arena recently opened, boasting the title of the most modern laser game hall in Europe! You might not believe it, but running among light obstacles with a vest equipped with special sensors, all to the rhythm of music you choose, is an entertaining experience with colleagues. Another option to have fun even in unfavorable weather is virtual reality. You can find its almost limitless possibilities in Znojmo and, of course, in Brno.

Tip for the most adventurous: A cold resistance training course in the style of Wim Hof right in Brno. Are there a few brave souls in your company who dare to plunge into the icy waters of the Svratka River?

Not only love goes through the stomach

Good food and drink are also excellent bonding agents for a work collective. And there are more options than flavors in the Indian spice market. According to your team’s preferences, choose a cooking class together. Dive into the secrets of exotic cuisines, perfect your skills in Czech classics, bake macarons together, or try vegan recipes. This can be done either at one of the cooking studios in Brno or at your own home.

For enthusiasts of caffeine and quality coffee, we will direct you to cupping or an experiential coffee roasting session. Brno is a hub of coffee shops with specialty coffee, and this trend has long spilled over into the entire region. There’s a lot to choose from, and we’ll be happy to advise you.

However, South Moravia is primarily synonymous with Moravian wine. It doesn’t have to be summer or autumn with green vineyards for you to fully enjoy wine-related activities. Invite guests or colleagues to a blind tasting, for example. Under the guidance of a sommelier, you will learn to recognize the characteristic features of individual varieties. During the tasting, you will have a lot of fun, and next time, you’ll impress others with your knowledge. Have you ever heard of a wine casino? It’s great fun for corporate teams, and there you can capitalize on what you’ve learned during a session with a sommelier.

Some wineries prepare a diverse program for visitors even in the winter months. Sometimes it’s a traditional Moravian pig slaughter, other times a walk with roasting sausages at the end.

For lovers of the golden brew, we recommend the right brewery based on your preferences. A tour of the production, accommodation with wellness, or even beer baths? Nothing is impossible.

Smart entertainment tailored for you

Who wouldn’t know the legendary AZ quiz! Did you know that you can invite Aleš Zbořil with a set of questions tailored precisely to your company for a corporate party or as an accompanying program at a conference? Smart entertainment that will score points with all age groups.

From a similar category, pub quizzes are popular, and they certainly don’t have to be limited to pub settings. Add a bit of logical puzzles and ciphers to the pub quiz format, and you have the Cryptomania Pub program. In your conference room or favorite restaurant, with a team of pros at your back.

Corporate program in codes and ciphers

If solving ciphers and mysteries is what you enjoy, and at the same time, you want to move around or spend time outdoors, explore the offerings of escape games and treasure hunts. Outdoor games where teams equipped with tablets solve puzzles and gradually progress towards the goal are scattered throughout southern Moravia. Escape games can now be found even in smaller towns, and they can even come to you wherever you choose.


And in conclusion, let’s slow down again. The winter season directly invites us to relax and take care of both body and spirit. Reward your team after a challenging year with a wellness experience. We have several places with a magical atmosphere where you can relax, and they can accommodate even larger groups. And not only in Brno.

The possibilities for fun activities are endless, and the cold weather doesn’t have to limit you at all. Contact us, and together we’ll choose an activity that suits your team perfectly. You’ll strengthen team spirit and fully enjoy South Moravia.